Important Membership Announcement

We have great news: Your wine enthusiast club just got even better!

Formerly known as the Departures Magazine Wine Reserve Club, we have now become part of the Food & Wine Connoisseur Club — and with your new membership comes a host of exciting new features designed to enhance your enjoyment not only of great wines, but also of fantastic food, and the whole of the culinary lifestyle!

Through the Food & Wine Connoisseur Club you will continue to enjoy access to special savings on a spectacular array of high-quality wines — terrific selections hand-picked each month by Food & Wine wine experts. You’ll still have access to your own wine sommelier, ready to answer all your wine questions. Along with insider access to special wine events, expert guided tastings, and other benefits you enjoyed before.

But that’s just for starters, because the Food & Wine Connoisseur Club offers members access to even more of the kinds of amazing wine and food discoveries you love — MORE retailer partners and MORE exclusive savings.

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